A New Challenger Approaches: John (1/2) – Learning to Smash Episode 001

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a megaton about to drop.  The Learning to Smash hosts are running on pure hype and gearing up.  In this episode get to know the gaming world of the first of our two hosts: John (Twitter: @mysmashmain)

  • A brief history of John’s (also brief) experience with the Smash franchise up to now
  • A rundown of John’s all-time favorite videogames:
    • Metroid Prime, God of War, Eternal Darkness, Soul Caliber 2, Resident Evil 4, BOTW
  • John’s Fall 2018 Games Radar:
    • Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Soul Caliber 6, Resident Evil 7, Spider-Man

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