Smash Bros: The Bayonetta Chapter – Learning to Smash 11

With Smash just around the corner, Bayonetta is this episode’s featured fighter, before the Ultimate ‘Climax’ next week.  In this episode, Jandro and John:

  • Review Bayonetta 2
  • Discuss Devil May Cry and Castlevania (Netflix)
  • And go over some of the most ridiculous / hilarious ‘hardcore’ Smash lingo…… NERF!!

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2 Thoughts

  1. Hey guys, I’m enjoying the show! Since you asked, I’d say go ahead and kill/retire Hud.

    For future topics, maybe a Zelda or Mario chapter? Or, a Donkey Kong chapter since King K. Rool is a new fighter in Ultimate. But whatever series you’re most familiar with would be best, as that makes for more interesting discussion.

    1. Haha. Poor HUD!! We’ll unplug him gracefully and without pain. Thanks for the feedback, Randy!
      A DK Chapter will definitely be a must. The DK: Country games were my lifeblood during the SNES era (and Tropical Freeze more recently). I’m also really eager to try out King K. Rool in Ultimate. You can expect this DK Chapter in the near future!

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