2019 Hype (Fire Emblem Three Houses & Resident Evil 2, say what?!) – Learning to Smash 22

Recorded just before the new year, it’s Learning to Smash’s (inebriated) celebration of all things 2019!

Avengers Endgame is consuming our dreams. Game of Thrones is nearing it’s epic finale. And the Switch is poised to own the console landscape this year. But with rumors of a new Switch model looming and details likely to be revealed for the next Xbox and Playstation ‘consoles’, the video game landscape for 2019 is already fascinating. It all starts with Resident Evil 2 remake in late January. But first…

  • Finding Our Smash Ultimate Main… the saga continues!
  • Speculation re: cloud-based moves for Xbox
  • Rolling through the impressive releases ALREADY confirmed for Switch this year
  • Avengers: Endgame Hype
A stacked deck is coming together here…

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