REmakings and retellings: When is a remake worthwhile? (+ RE2 Review) – Learning to Smash: Episode 2.4

Famed clinical ‘horror’ psychologist, Dr. Jandro McMurder, joins us this week to discuss Resident Evil 2 and exactly what makes tense, scary video games so compelling. This leads to our featured subject: REMAKES.

What makes for a truly worthwhile remake or retelling of an existing story?

That’s right folks, in this episode you can expect some chatter on the following most-important subjects:

  • Smash Ultimate – Items on or off? The DEFINITIVE answer
  • Resident Evil 2 Remake Review
  • The psychological draw of horror video games, from Dr. Jandro
  • Remake Culture – The good, the bad and the ugly sides of remaking games, movies (and stories in general)
How many retellings of Batman v. Joker have we already seen or read?

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