Games: Final Fantasy X review, Sekiro and Celeste (Jandro’s relaxing 1,2 combo!) & more – Learning to Smash 2.14

LtS records one video game discussion every other week. This week, a Final Fantasy noob dives into FFX on the Switch. Have you played it? Should You? John provides his feedback. Meanwhile, Jandro has died 1,000+ times in Sekiro and Celeste and is loving it. They also discuss revisiting the original Punch Out! on Nintendo Online and much, much more. All before predicting the events in the second episode of Game of Thrones final season, immediately before watching the show. We then return to briefly record our response re: just how incredible wrong we were, and lay down our (likely also wrong) predictions for the next episode!

  • Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is done
  • Sekiro: Shadow’s Die Twice Review
  • Celeste – John and Jandro’s joint review
  • Punch Out! (and other NES titles) still rocks
  • Final Fantasy X – John’s in love, y’all!
  • The Thong Song
  • Game of Thrones Predictions
  • Returning to discuss how wrong our GOT just were!
  • Next week’s GOT predictions

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